Thought of the Week:

            Transition and change is something in our lives which most of us do not like. There is an old saying “Nothing is certain in life but death and taxes”. This phrases means throughout life we face change and periods of transition. Alisha and I are facing a time of transition as our baby is in his senior year of High School.  This means, this time next year Jason will be a freshman at Pittsburg State, in Kansas.  A transition and change which is important for Jason to begin to prepare for his calling as a grade school teacher.  It will not be easy to leave him at PSU next year but we know this is God’s will for Jason’s life. We know that the chapter of his life where we are his parents and he lives under our roof is coming to a close. And a new chapter of his life is beginning. As well as a new relationship between Jason, Alisha and I.

            Change, coupled with periods of transition are not easy, but they are necessary for growth and following God’s will for our lives. Often times change/transition means that one door closes while another door opens. Often times change/transition means hopes and dreams which are not fulfilled. Change/transition brings with it many variables.  But one thing is for certain we must prepare for change/transition.

            Sunday I spoke from 1 Chronicles 22:1-10. In this passage we see David is going through a period of change/transition. For David he is preparing to transition from this life to eternal life. But before he goes he must reconcile himself with dreams not realized and prepare those who will see these dreams fulfilled.

            David had a strong desire to serve the Lord.  He wanted more than anything to build a temple for God. A place where people could come and meet with God. Where sins could be forgiven and brokenness could be healed. Yet God told David he was not the one to build the temple. This did not mean that David had not fulfill his God given mission. He had fulfilled his mission; the mission to secure peace for the people of Israel. The mission of building the temple would fall to Solomon a man of peace.

            While David was not to build the temple. He ensured that all the supplies would be ready for Solomon. So David had the timbers, the stones cut and shaped. He had the nails prepared. When all preparations were complete he had them stored until Solomon his son was ready to build the temple.

            Further David prepared Solomon. He did this by sharing his God given vision. He did this through ensuring Solomon understood his mission. He did this through securing peace; you can’t build a magnificent temple with a spear in one hand and a hammer in the other. David prepared Solomon by showing him what it meant to be a man of God.

            Throughout our lives we all go through periods of change/transition. For some of you it is a change in careers.  For some reading this you are like Alisha and I, you have a child who soon will be leaving home to fulfill their God given mission. Some of you might be like my Dad and Aunt Nancy who are caring for an aging parent. Change is never easy but it is certain.  Change/transition is never easy but we must be in preparation. To ensure those that are left behind or venturing out on their own are prepared. To ensure that the temple of God is a place where people can come and meet with God, where sins are forgiven and brokenness healed. So no matter what period of transition/change you are going through are you prepared to let God lead and guide you through your period of your life?

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